News is a topic that people like to discuss. Examples of news How many words per minute do you read news? The word news covers many aspects of our everyday lives. It includes everything that occurs in the physical world as well as the information we receive via the media, Internet, books and more. Examples of news The words news and weather have many meanings; the reader is encouraged to consider the opinions of others when considering any particular topic included in the news.

Examples of news Media include television news, radio news, wire services, print media and blogging. Examples of news include the following: Al Qaeda kidnapped by Pakistani Army; George Bush passed away; Hurricane Katrina anniversary; FBI opens investigation into Vince Foster affair; Malaysian Airliner shot down over Thailand; Ben Laden dead. Examples of news which are considered to be factual are widely seen throughout the world. Examples of news which are considered to be opinion based include: The shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado; Japanese invade South Korea; a tsunami hits Indonesia; a truck bomb blows up in Times Square in New York City; airliner crashes in flight over Pennsylvania. In most cases, news media reflect the views of the majority rather than the viewpoint of the one individual who is reporting or speaking about a particular event. Examples of news regarding the environment Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Endangered species; Environmentally friendly cars; Examples of news regarding religion American Idol; Jesus Christ; Examples of news regarding spirituality Gambling; Marriage; Religion in America; News regarding politics Christian values; News regarding sports marriage; News regarding technology Gurgaon/India real estate market; News regarding tourism India/Chinese new year; news regarding wildlife; etc. The world is constantly abuzz with news and opinion.

The term ‘News’ has a much broader meaning than what it actually signifies. It has a social impact on how people perceive the world and how societal policies are formed and how individuals interpret current events in the public policy arena. The media covers all aspects of human life from local, national, international, and global news. It provides the necessary information required by citizens to make correct and informed decisions. The profession of journalism has emerged as a distinct profession owing to the need for news and current affairs, and the advancement in digital technologies and news delivery.