What Is The Difference Between A Tourist And A Real Traveler?

The definition of a traveler can easily be expanded to include those who are traveling around the world for business or pleasure. Businessmen may be a traveler because they need to meet with clients or venture abroad to find new clients, while those who travel for pleasure are doing so because they want to see new sights and visit exotic locales. If you are a traveler, you are definitely not a “just a traveler.”

Every traveler has certain traits that set them apart from other travelers. Most importantly, it is their choice whether to walk, hike, fly, ride a bicycle, swim, drive a car, ride a motorcycle, and so on. Of course, most of us can’t do all these things well, and so we need to learn to adapt to our situation. Some people simply enjoy being tourists whereas others like to explore, seek adventure, and travel to foreign countries to pursue their dreams. When you take a traveler’s mentality into account, you no doubt will find that your travel is truly more enjoyable.

A good way to describe the differences between a tourist and a real traveler (and by “real traveler,” I don’t mean the ones who visit just so they can whine about how hard life is) is to consider how you’d react if you landed in your dream destination but had no idea how to get there. This analogy works well for all types of travellers, not just those who have traveled before. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business, there are several key differences between a tourist and a real traveller that you need to be aware of to ensure that your travels are truly worth your time and energy.