Types of Films You Might Interest In Studying

Whether you are a film student or simply a lover of film, the process of getting started is always a little confusing. If you have just decided to study film at university, then you may find your coursework a little harder than you would have liked. However, all film students should start with an overview of the different kinds of film and what to expect in the first year of studying film. Here is a short, handy guide to get you started on your film education.

Motion Picture – Basically, motion picture is any kind of film that tells a story through the medium of film, such as a film or video. These include documentaries, motion pictures, reality shows, home videos, TV shows and more. The major motion picture genre is still pretty young, and includes movies like Hollywood blockbuster, horror films, fantasy films and more.

Documentary – Basically, documentary film refers to anything filmed to tell a story. It could be as complex as a film about the Civil War, but often times very simple films that record everyday events. Most documentaries take place in the natural world, and explore everything from nature to history. This can be very subjective, depending on the subject of the film. Some examples of documentaries include: Finding Nemo, Wild Guns, Secrets of Spy Work, Animal Farm, etc.