The Beginning of Post-production

Has your son or daughter brought home a roll of film for their first camera? He or she will probably be thrilled with a roll of film, but what will they do with it once it is home? “Mom, I don’t want to put pictures on this! This film will just gather dust!” This can happen to parents who do not know how to preserve film and instead expect the film to be thrown away.

The first step is learning to properly preserve film stock. Have you purchased any film stock for your camera yet? Haven’t had the film developed yet either. He or she is going to start the film right away at 10:00am. We will begin the film by preparing the photographic film stock:

In the next article, we will explore different techniques for editing and developing your film after the special effects are done. We will also look at different types of film stock and the various steps that filmmakers should take to ensure their film is complete before sending it out to the film crew for shooting. We are very excited to continue exploring the world of filmmaking, both on and off set, as well as the important role film plays in our everyday lives.