News From the Public Domains

News is information regarding current affairs. This can be given through several media: printed news, oral communication, television, radio, etc. News is also a subject matter of debate among the experts on different subjects of interest. The importance of news is felt very keenly today, because of the rapid technological changes taking place both in business and in politics. Both the public and private sectors are benefited by the quick dissemination of news.

The importance of news is perhaps not as obvious in this modern age as it was in previous ages when most of the people relied on printed newspapers for getting news. In fact, the telephone was invented to provide news to people who could not get news from print publications. Nowadays, however, with the wide spread of the Internet, almost everybody has access to the World Wide Web. Thus, the need for news is becoming all the more acute among people who have Internet based businesses.

The news agencies dealing in distribution of news find the best news sources either on their own or through various public sources. Public domain news agencies give their services to the public free of cost. They also provide the news on a timely basis so that the people know what is happening in the country or in the region in a timely manner. There are public news agencies that are funded by the government that disseminate news via Internet, newspapers, and television to a much greater extent than any other news agency.