Movie Sound Effects and the Techniques Used to Create Them

A movie, also known as a movie motion picture, moving picture or digital movie, is an artistic work of visual art, usually of video and sometimes of sound, intended to simulate reality through the means of moving pictures. Most movies contain many different scenes and sometimes even different cuts of the same scenes. The word “movie” comes from the French word “motor” (meaning “motion”), and it refers to any film that showcases movement. Movies are often produced on 35mm film or other high-quality digital video equipment. Although many people are familiar with this technology, many are not aware that many actually create their own motion pictures with simple, home video and pre-cut DVD and VHS recordings.

Movie special effects are another area in which large amounts of money is spent by Hollywood studios. Special effects can be anything from exploding stars to jet aircraft. While some movies often go beyond the special effects to include much more intense special effects, the majority of films are quite simple in regards to their special effects.

One of the most important aspects of any motion picture is sound, and this aspect of motion pictures is often used far more in comparison to special effects. Movie sound involves the careful and finely tuned blending of music and sound, recorded using either live instruments or recorded from previous performances. Music is often the key element of a movie sound track. Many of the best movies use music in some form or another to help move the plot or convey the themes and emotions of the story. While the creation of music is often the domain of highly qualified recording professionals, anyone with a little talent and a few bucks can create their own movie sound tracks. In fact, many people do, from aspiring musicians to complete amateurs.