Movie Review: Action Movies

A movie, also known as a movie prop, visual short, video or moving image, is an artistic work of visually imaginative work used to simulate adventures, emotions, experiences, thoughts, beauty, or setting through the employment of moving pictures. More often than not, movies are portrayed through the medium of film. This digital form of multimedia entertainment allows viewers to choose from a large variety of movies that include classic, modern, thriller, action, comedy and even animation, while viewing it at home on the television set. Movies are often rated according to their popularity in terms of how much they have been appreciated by critics and audiences in the past. Most movie theaters have started displaying a movie’s rating on the posters of the movies.

For decades now, movie makers have created and attempted to tell stories through the visual medium of movies. Through the years, movies have become very popular among families and groups of friends. For one reason, it allows the viewers to discuss the plot and story with each other. Movie studios make movies that can entertain an entire family and even groups of friends who enjoy watching films together. Movie studios spend millions of dollars and countless man hours creating special effects, costumes, special songs, special lighting and the like in order to present a movie maker with ideas on how to make their films more entertaining. They also try to create the most realistic and life-like movie sets they possibly can in order to achieve the purpose of telling a story.

Since the advent of special effects and computer graphics, movie studios have tried to give life to dreams and faraway places through the utilization of special effects. Although they still primarily rely on live action movies for the release of their animated movies, they have also created computer-animated movies that are more realistic than the former ones. Some examples of these films are “Wreck-It Ralph”,” Kung Fu Panda” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”. There are other examples that you can check out online. Action movies often tell stories about people overcoming various challenges and coming out as winners; while animated films try to give life to other stories through special effects and computer graphics.