A Comprehensive Course In Film Theory

Film theory is simply a method of studying movies to understand their place in contemporary society and how they affect our emotions. Film theory is also used to examine other video presentations, for instance television programs. Film theory differs from film criticism, which normally concerns studying a movie to figure out its artistic value. Film theory mainly deals with the psychological aspects of cinema. The study of film theory aims at presenting the film to the general public in such a manner that it becomes more acceptable to viewers and helps create a dialog between the audience and the film.

Film theory aims to provide an understanding of how a film is made and about the changes in film making over the last century. This theory will provide students with the background information necessary for them to develop an appreciation for film. Students will learn the different types of film and how each one has developed over time. This will also help students gain an understanding of the social, political and artistic influence that films have had on society. Film has been a vital part of mankind since the early days of cinema.

Students can complete this course using either video tapes or DVD’s. There are many different concepts that go into film theory. For example, a film is a communication process between the audience and the director/actor/writer/maker. The theories that are covered in film theory will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of film making.